About Me


Hi! My name is Morgan Brown and I attend Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri. At Cottey, I am an art major currently pursuing my Associate in Fine Arts (AFA). At Cottey, I am very involved as the freshman class (fcc) publicity coordinator, in addition to being a member of ACCA (the Cottey art club) and attending my classes.

Art is a true passion of mine, and has been my whole life. As the daughter of a high school art teacher, this is understandable.

I first began thinking about a career in art in middle school as a member of the yearbook staff. Beginning in middle school, I had the opportunity to participate in yearbook first as the Clubs & Activities Section Editor (7th grade), then as the Design Editor (8th grade). I continued yearbook in high school as the Student Life Section Co-Editor (9th), the Photography Editor (10th), the People & Academics Section Editor (11th), and the
Editor-in-Chief (12th).

My love for yearbook sparked my interest in graphic design and photography. These interests are what landed me an internship with the local paper, the Citrus County Chronicle, during the summer between my junior and senior year. That summer I worked as both a photographer and a reporter. I was asked to continue working with the Chronicle after my summer internship ended and so continued working with them my senior year of high school. After graduating, I again interned at the Chronicle over the summer, this time as a desk editor, designing pages.

While photography and graphic design are my favorite mediums, I do enjoy ceramics and drawing as well—both of which I showcase here on my website.

This blog contains my current work, so feel free to explore, ask questions, or leave comments!