Scale Project

For this project, we had to choose an object and recreate it to scale, either 10 times larger or smaller than the original. I chose a chess piece, the queen to be exact. When planning the chess piece, I decided to make it ten times larger, referencing official gaming qualifications for size. I had never had to think about a chess piece’s specific sizing before and had no idea that there were specific gaming requirements for the sizes of the chess pieces. When observing a white queen chess piece, I noticed that the surface was smooth and the shape was symmetrical. This form was a bit of a challenge for me because I’m used to creating organic, asymmetrical pieces.

Upon further study, I found that I was more interested in an old, worn chess piece. This piece wouldn’t be as perfect and shiny as a new piece, instead it would have dents and chipping paint. This was the look I was going for with this piece — something that was symmetrical, but imperfect. I believe I achieved this with the the spongy spheres and the newspaper crinkles. This concept lead me to name the piece “The Imperfect Queen”. The idea is that the queen is meant to look perfect, but as unachievable as perfection is she falls short, the worries and stresses of a nation weighing heavily upon her and showing at her surface.

I had never really practiced trompe l’oeil (fool-the-eye) style before, but I learned a lot about it through our lessons in class and through working on my project. Like I mentioned earlier, this piece was very much a challenge to complete. The symmetric form contrasted drastically from the organic, asymmetrical forms I usually create. Also, it was interesting to create a 3D form strictly from observation — most of my 3D projects have been more imaginative in contrast with this specific form. I believe that I prefer more of a free hand when it comes to 3D Design, but it was most certainly an interesting way to work!

I believe that the materials I used, without knowledge of the concept, most definitely detracted from the illusion in that the surface was nor perfectly smooth and shiny. If I were to do the assignment again I would use the same materials since these were the materials I could use that were within my budget. However, if I had the funding and ability to use plastic or wood, then I think that I would use those materials if I were to do this project again.

I believe that significantly increasing the size of a normal chess piece made for a project with more depth. With the change in scale, the perception of the chess piece changed, allowing for a more conceptualized view. I was very happy with the change in scale, with a lot of math and numerous calculations I was able to piece it together and figure out the necessary measurements. If I had decided to change the scale to make the piece to be smaller, instead of larger, I believe that much would have been lost in translation. A chess piece is already small and to make a piece ten times smaller would have made the piece too small. All in all, I’m fairly happy with this project.


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