Lamp Project

Assignment: In the worksheet, I mentioned that this project had potential salability.  As an artist or a designer, you will need to learn to market your work. Use the three paragraphs in this writing assignment as your sales pitch. Pretend that you’re presenting this project to a company that may be interested in mass-marketing your design. Explain the object, its advantages, what environments it may suit, and why the potential buyer “needs” this lamp. Mention formal or conceptual issues in this writing. You can discuss your process. Be creative, and since this is a sales pitch, keep it positive.



Introducing Morgan’s Lamp, a nonrepresentational lamp made of wire and tissue paper. This was a project created in my 3D art class. From start to finish, this project took 22 hours to complete. Currently, the lamp is sitting in the student gallery of RBAC at Cottey College. Later this semester, the lamp will be shown at Cottey’s student art exhibition.

To make the project, strong black wire and thin copper wire were braided to create the whimsical shape of the lamp. The bottom spiral supports the curled wire that holds the sphere. The piece features two abstract wings which were referenced from a mix of butterfly and angel wings. Spiral patterns, two beautiful butterfly-like wings, and a champagne colored ball of tissue paper, supported by a wire structure, are all featured within the piece. A mix of organic and fantasy styles are shown throughout the lamp.

This lamp can be shown with the inside lights on or off. Each representation provides a different feel to the piece. This piece may seem more decorative than functional, but it most certainly can be used as a traditional lamp. This piece could be featured anywhere from a student’s dorm room desk to a side table in your living room. Morgan’s Lamp may be available for sale after the student art exhibition, if interested contact me.


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