Paper Sculptures


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When working with the paper, I was would always stray back to cutting long, thin lines which I would then curl and twirl before tucking the strand back into the base. Each time, this created some form of a seemingly chaotic mess. The first and third pieces are nearly impossible to replicate because they are so intricate and complex — when creating the pieces, I put them together with little to no plan and only an expectation that the finished product would be unique and original. I experimented with various folds and cuts and many shapes, but usually came back to the curly style when working with the paper. I chose these three pieces as my top three because I believe they were my most interesting pieces. The first, the light blue one, reminds me of the sea, the waves, and sea foam. The third one reminds me of grass. And the second one, which is very different from the other two, reminds me of a fish.

The balance of the positive and negative space within the sculptures, coupled with the intricate shadows that change with the lighting, formed organic and abstract pieces. Each of the sculptures relied heavily on line — the first having a variety of line widths and curls, the second having more angular lines, and the third having many lines of the same width curled all over the piece. These pieces were all sculpture in-the-round, able to be viewed from any angle. There was a lot of repetition within the second piece which was also (mostly) symmetrical. I believe that my first piece best exemplified a great use of many of the elements of design within a single sculpture.

It was a struggle to work with the paper as it was so delicate that a slight mishap would tear the sculpture. Even though the paper was not as durable as the materials that I am accustomed to working with, I enjoyed the challenge of a material that is so easily damaged. I feel that an artist would use paper for sculpture when wanting a challenge and when wanting to convey a certain delicacy. Also, since paper is a more common material in our society, an artist may want to make a sculpture from paper to not only cut costs but also to create something from an everyday object. An artist may avoid paper if they want to create something that will last longer.


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