Final Photography Project


This is the final project of my photography class. The assignment was to create a portfolio containing six images with a common theme that reflected us as a photographer.

The theme I chose was ‘Fresh’ which focused on fruits and vegetables. I wanted to shoot something organic, something with raw colors and textures. In taking these photos, I wanted to practice balance within a piece. One challenge I faced in this assignment was lighting. At one point I was shooting and it got too dark outside so I had to finish the project the next day.


  SS: 1/30, Ap: f/5, ISO: 1600


  SS: 1/60, Ap: f/6.3, ISO: 1600


 SS: 1/20, Ap: f/5, ISO: 3200


 SS: 1/40, Ap: 5.6, ISO: 1600


 SS: 1/60, Ap: 6.3, ISO: 1600


 SS: 1/40, Ap: f/5.6, ISO: 200

This portfolio reflects me as a photographer and as an artist in a number of ways. For one, I prefer to take photos with lots of color, which I believe shows through in these images. Also, as a photographer, I like to show the imperfections of the subject. If you look at the image of the pear, you’ll see the scratches and bruises on the pear—this is intentional, through my photography I want to represent what is truly there. I also believe this portfolio represents me as a photographer in that I bring out the texture of each of the subjects. Also, the balance of the images represent me as a photographer and as an artist.

During post production, I made a number of editing decisions. On each of the images, I altered the levels, the contrast, and the saturation. I adjusted the levels in order to correct the lighting within the images. I bumped up the contrast in order to bring out shadows and enhance the textures within the images. Also, I adjusted the saturation in order to bring in more color. I did not edit out any bruises or imperfections on the fruit because as a photographer and an artist I believe that the imperfections are just as important as everything else and really speak for the image and what’s really going on in the image.

During this project, I learned that the time of day that you take the images is very important. I also learned that sometimes it takes longer to shoot images than you may have originally intended and it is okay to finish them up the next day. As an artist, I have grown very much this semester. Specifically in my photography class, I have grown in that I have had more practice with manual settings. I translated some of what I learned from previous projects into this project. I used my lighting skills, knowledge of manual settings, and Photoshopping techniques.


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  1. Beverly Howard says:

    Beautiful photography, Morgan!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marcia says:

    Your photography truly brought out the vibrant colors. Nicely done Morgan.

    Liked by 1 person

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