Motion Assignment

Depression and Anxiety


SS: 1/6, Ap: 25, ISO: 100


SS: 1″, Ap: 29, ISO: 100


SS: 0″6, Ap: 29, ISO: 100


SS: 0″6, Ap: 29, ISO: 100

I chose to show depression and anxiety through my photographs. The first image, the one with the umbrella, shows the model and how she goes through life on a daily basis. The second image shows her battling the depression and anxiety. The third image shows loneliness at it’s core and the monsters that come out when you’re alone. The last image shows how the depression and anxiety are getting to her and how she’s withering away under pressure.

When editing the photos, I used Photoshop. In Photoshop, I adjusted the levels and contrast. Then I cropped the photos. Then I made the photos black and white. I made the photos black and white in order to show how depression and anxiety feel, as well as set the mood for the photos and make them stand out.

I learned much during this project. For one, I learned about motion photography. I also learned about conceptual photography. During this assignment, I feel that I have grown as an artist in that I created conceptual photos. I can translate what I learned in this project into other projects if I want to do motion photography again.


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