Seven Deadly Sins Project

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For this project, I chose to focus on the sin ‘sloth’. I feel that the sin, sloth, still applies today. I chose to represent sloth differently than the traditional way—while I did tie historical and cultural interpretations of the sin to my concept, I made sure to showcase a contemporary issue. The contemporary issue I chose was depression. Society sees this girl as being lazy, but really she’s fighting her own battles—as represented by the creepy hands and the snake. A lot of people today have depression, but many people who look at those with depression perceive them as partaking in the sin of sloth instead of looking farther to see that they are battling their own demons.

Within my piece I conveyed a few ideas through symbols. For instance, the hands in the project represent how depression pulls a person down, making them fight to come up for air. The snake represents not only another demon that the girl has to deal with, but it also has a historical base. Traditionally, the punishment for the sin of sloth was to be thrown into a pit of snakes. Finally, as you may have guessed, the girl is the one partaking in the sin of sloth, even though she only appears to do this because of her depression.

I enjoyed the process of working with slabs. Working with slabs was much easier and faster than the other forms of hand-building, but it dried quickly so you didn’t have a lot of time to work on the piece. In addition to working with slabs on this project, I also worked with hand building the figurine of the girl with depression. I used coils for the snake. And, lastly, I made the hands from plaster which was the most fun of the entire project.


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