People of Cottey Project


SS: 1/30, Ap: f/5, ISO: 1600

“I’m studying International Relations at Cottey College because it is an interdisciplinary field of study so it combines a lot of my different interests. After Cottey I want to go into the Peace Corp and then after that I either want to work for the Federal Government or for an International Nonprofit.”


SS: 1/30, Ap: f/4, ISO: 1600

“Singing makes me happy. And it’s something that I do that makes me feel powerful in my own way. I was singing “Caro Mio Ben” or “Ah, Dearest Love” by Tommaso Giordani.”


SS: 1/30, Ap: f/5.6, ISO: 1600

“The trip I went on was the trip to Perú. A lot of the clothing in the areas we went to are based on the country’s history, therefore the patterns you see have llamas, and Inka (Incan) designs. To me the clothes and textiles are not just functional, but also a beautiful link to the past.”
When selecting people to photograph, I chose Kalina, Cassie, and Sara. I already knew each of the subjects, and they knew me, but during the interview process I learned something new about each of them that defined who they were and made them both unique and individual. From Kalina I learned of her aspiration to join the Peace Corp, which I had previously not known about her. From Cassie, I learned why she enjoys to sing. From Sara, I learned about her trip to Perú and how it impacted her. A challenge I faced during the interview process was that some of the subjects felt a little uncomfortable being interviewed, but that was quickly resolved as the interview went on.

When editing the photographs post production, I made a variety of edits. On each image, I fixed the levels, the hue and saturation, the brightness and contrast, and cropped the images. Also, I removed some acne and blemishes from their faces. The edits I made were edits that I usually make on any photograph, and I decided not to do anything too fancy in order to keep the images real and relatable. My intention behind the editing process was to show who these women really were through the images.

During this project, I learned much about interacting with a subject. I learned how to interview, and how to go with the flow in order to allow them to be comfortable in the interview. I also learned how to work with a subject that does not feel comfortable being photographed. As an artist, I have grown in that I can more easily interact with a subject now. What I learned during this project can be translated into other projects in that it will now be easier for me to interact with other subjects.


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