Lighting Pattern Project

For this project, we took portraits of people based on four different lighting patterns—Split Lighting, Loop Lighting, Rembrandt Lighting, and Butterfly Lighting. These were my final four images.



SS: 1/200, Ap: f/4, ISO: 100



SS: 1/25, Ap: f/8, ISO: 1600



SS: 1/125, Ap: f/4, ISO: 1600



SS: 1/25, Ap: f/8, ISO: 1600

 Other than the Split Lighting photo, all the photos were taken in my room with the blinds closed and desk lamps for lighting. The backdrop is a tapestry which I have hanging up in my room. The easiest lighting pattern was Split Lighting—this was the one I ended up taking outside while my friend and I were on a walk. The most difficult lighting pattern was Rembrandt. In order to get it just right, I had to go back and re-shoot. In class we spent time giving feedback, which prompted me to change the Rembrandt lighting photo.

I ended up Photoshopping every image during post production. I first cropped each of the images. Then I worked with the Levels, Brightness/Contrast, Saturation, Color Balance, and removed any noticeable marks from her face. In the editing process, my intention was to enhance the images. I believe the edits I made definitely strengthened the effects of the images.

I learned a lot about lighting during this project. Before this lesson, I knew there were different types of lighting but I did not know much about the specifics. I learned a lot about how to create your own lighting when you don’t have a studio to use. After completing this project, I notice lighting styles in everyday life, especially on movies and TV shows. What I learned from this project can definitely be translated into other projects, and I know I will pay more attention to lighting in my projects from now on.


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