Guardian Figure Project

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For this project, we created a guardian figure. My figure is the guardian of time. I chose to create a guardian of time because of my current stresses with time this semester. There are a number of symbols within the piece. For one, she is faceless as is the pocket watch she leans against, symbolizing the ever changing, faceless, never ending cycle of time. The wings she has represent how time flies, but her wings are not yet fully grown, as she is not, symbolizing how time seems to drag more slowly as it does for a child. I believe that guardians of time are—forgive the pun—timeless and that, especially in today’s society, is very relevant.

To create this guardian we used coils. I’ve used coils before, but had never used coils to create a sculpture—only ever pots and vases. When working with coils, we created a base and then worked from the bottom up, scoring, slipping, and blending the whole way up. One challenging aspect of this particular project was that when I created the base I did not have the proportions correct and therefore had to spend a lot of time adjusting the clay within the project in order to correct the clay. This process differed from the pinching method in that we had more control over the structure, although creating the structure was more difficult.

I would most definitely create a sculpture from coils again. Now that I’ve had the experience of using the coils, I have a better feel of how they work. If I were to do this project over again, I would keep the same concept and create the same guardian. However, I would start with a better base with better proportions. I would love to use coils again, they are one of my favorite ways to work with clay.


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