Lighting Pattern Project

For this project, we took portraits of people based on four different lighting patterns—Split Lighting, Loop Lighting, Rembrandt Lighting, and Butterfly Lighting. These were my final four images. SPLIT LIGHTING SS: 1/200, Ap: f/4, ISO: 100 LOOP LIGHTING SS: 1/25, Ap: f/8, ISO: 1600 REMBRANDT LIGHTING SS: 1/125, Ap: f/4, ISO: 1600 BUTTERFLY LIGHTING SS:…

Master Studies

These drawings are in order of when I completed them in class. Each drawing is based on another artist’s work.

Neon Photoshopping Project

In order to create the following images, I took some of the photos from my 7 Day Photo Challenge and ran them through a filter in Photoshop, working with the levels, saturation, coloring, brightness, contrast, and more in order to create this effect. Enjoy!

Guardian Figure Project

For this project, we created a guardian figure. My figure is the guardian of time. I chose to create a guardian of time because of my current stresses with time this semester. There are a number of symbols within the piece. For one, she is faceless as is the pocket watch she leans against, symbolizing…